AliVendors for AliDropship

AliVendors works with WooCommerce and AliDropship WordPress plugins to add control and speed to your dropshipping business.

What does it do?

See all vendors from Aliexpress
See all products for each vendor
See Sales per vendor
See Sales per product
Move product to Draft
Move product to Archive
Hide Archived Products
Move product to Trash
Link directly to product on Aliexpress
Link directly to stores on Aliexpress
See profit per item
See how many units sold per item
See vendor list and sales prices
See your stores list price
Link directly to edit page for easy access
Easily view product on front end
See product status: import, draft, published or pending
See the Aliexpress store rating
See total number of stores
See total number products per store

Installing AliVendors for Woocommerce

  1. Download AliVendors from the My Account page at Digital Incident. (Remember where you saved it)
  2. Go to WordPress Admin: Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin
  3. Click Choose file, and locate the download file: on your computer.
  4. Install Now
  5. Click Activate
  6. In WordPress admin, go to AliVendors > Settings page and enter your license.
  7. AliVendors is now enabled.

There are a few ways to access AliVendors.

  1. In Admin bar on top, you will see a link ‘AliVendors’
  2. In the WordPress admin sidebar, menu item ‘AliVendors’
  3. When you are in edit product page > Supplier Info, you will see a link next to the store name: ‘Products on {YOUR STORENAME}’
  4. In WooCommerce > Products page, you will see the store name in a new column “AliVendors’ located right after the product name.

Archiving Products

In setting you can enable the archiving function. It creates a new status ‘Archived’ for your products. This new status can be hidden to reduce clutter in your administration area. You still can send products to archive at any time when it is enabled. You can enable showing of your archived products. It will show in the stores product list in AliVendors, in the All products listing and the status on the WooCommerce products page.

When you are in AliVendors store page, just click on the store name to see the list of products.

The prices in the AliVendors store products list are real prices and do not include any price rounding.