Film Production Services

Digital Incident provides world class services to the Film & Television Industry. We take pride in our On-Set services; from Camera Crew & Stereographers to secure DIT services. Please take a moment to browse our services below.

Post & Workflow Solutions

Digital Incident helps production companies capture, secure, process and deliver beautiful images that tell great stories. From Production to Post, we have a vested interest in your success. Contact us today to find out how we can help.


Shooting great S3D is more than pointing a couple of cameras at something. It takes trained and experienced stereoscopic talent to achieve great looking stereo.

Local 600 Camera Operator

Our IATSE 600 Camera Operator is like a Navy SEAL for your camera department. We can get your shot from sea, air or land. We look forward to helping you solve your most complex shots with ease.

On-Set Media Services

Powerful DIT workstations tackle the most demanding Digital Cinema files currently in use today. We can easily handle your Alexa Raw, Red Epic, Phantom and other camera files on-set.

Stereo 3D Cmotion System

Cmotion FIZ systems provide the most advanced controls for your Stereo3D shoot. With up to 8 motors, your entire stereo rig is covered with one Focus, Iris & Zoom system. Learn more...

Steadicam & Segway

Hands Free Segway systems for that ultimate long rolling shot. From simple roundy round shots to the most complex high-speed Steadicam shots in 3D, we get the shots that matter most.

Stereoscopic DI

Stereoscopic DI is a crucial area for any Stereo 3D project. Experienced Stereographers will work with you to add those special finishing techniques to smooth and refine your S3D project.

Color & Finishing

Digital Incident has access to the most powerful post finishing tools available today. Having the expertise to finish and deliver your product, on-time and on-budget.

Custom Camera Gear

At Digital Incident, we are never satisfied with how things come from the store, so we like to make them better. Call us to discuss our latest underwater housings for Stereo 3D Red Epic cameras.


Take a moment to review a sampling of our recent work. We look forward to discussing how we may be of service to you on your next project. Coming soon.

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Digital Incident Production Services will provide the expert support your production deserves to ensure fault free success. Experienced and talented Stereographers, Camera & Steadicam Operators, Colorists or DITs; we are your production solution.


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